Episode 1 – The Giant Castle

Addi, Brian and Katie take on an outdoor charity golf tournament in Marin county. The theme is “A Taste of Scotland”. Facing off with the elements and the ticking clock, will Addi and team prevail or will this charity event end in a total balloon disaster?

Episode 2 – Artishphere in DC

For their next gig, the balloon team will decorate the grand opening bash of a new cultural art space just outside of our nation’s capital. Addi, Brian and Katie are more determined than ever to work together and make this event the grandest of them all.

Episode 3 – French Fashion Show

Balloons meet fashion in this episode where the balloon artists dive head first into the behind-the-scenes of a live fashion show! To enhance the Parisian theme of the show, they draw upon complicated architectural designs and Katie has a special surprise.

Episode 4 – Hollywood Fire Fighters Museum

The Los Angeles Firefighter Museum is holding one hot party with help from Addi, Brian, and Katie. Facing off with a small space, the team has massive challenges ahead, will they light the party afire with their designs, or will they go down in flames?

Episode 5 – The Balloon Wedding Dress

Here comes the bride… all dressed in balloons! Addi and his team have a very big job, they must make Brandon and Joanne’s wedding, a memorable one. Will they make it one to be remembered or one the couple hopes they can forget?

Episode 6 – A Nautical Surprise Party

Surprise! Addi, Brian, and Katie have a major transformation they have to do, turn a boring empty banquet hall into a festive tropical paradise for a surprise Birthday party. With so much they need to accomplish, will the team sink or swim?